Welcome to The Therapy Nest

In everybody’s life there are periods of distress or trauma. Help is available. That first step of reaching out for help is sometimes hard, but you can feel better.

Whether it is some support you need as you push through a crisis or you have decided to put a longer term trauma to rest, help is available.

At The Therapy Nest, we provide empathic, evidence based, effective counselling.

You will be heard.

Together we can find a way forward.


Dr Caroline Lloyd is the founder and principal therapist at The Therapy Nest.

She is an experienced EMDR trauma therapist.

Originally a GP, she has followed her passion for assisting her clients with their mental health needs. In 2019 she completed her Master of Counselling at Monash University. Her placement for the course was at a Not for Profit focussing on Family Violence, which piqued an interest in treatment for trauma, which has become an ongoing focus in her work. Caroline has done further training in EMDR, Schema Therapy, Ego State (parts) Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

Her interest in Eating Disorders came about from her involvement with the Centre for Bariatric Surgery in Glen Iris where she has been assisting clients with disordered eating behaviour for over 10 years. She has a thorough understanding of the complex needs of clients with Bulimia, Compulsive Eating and other Eating Disorders. (She does not treat Anorexia as this is an even more specialised field sometimes requiring hospital admission).

Caroline also has a Diploma in Hypnotherapy which can be used as part of an integrated approach for clients. 

Qualifications: MBBS (Monash), Master of Counselling, Diploma of Hypnotherapy, EMDR training Part 1 and 2.

Professional organisations: FRACGP, PACFA, EMDRAA, ANZAED.


Caroline is not currently taking new clients for weekly ongoing sessions (September 2023).

She is offering EMDR Intensives which are a wonderful way of working to quickly make changes in your life. Please see below for more information on EMDR Intensives.

Group EMDR therapy is coming soon! Please see below for more information on Group EMDR.

EMDR is best delivered in a face to face environment but it has been shown to be effective delivered via teleconference (Zoom). Telephone counselling cannot provide EMDR services unfortunately. 

Her therapy is person-centred and strength based, and she offers EMDR, CBT and hypnosis interspersed with Ego State (parts) therapy, depending on the clients needs and preferences. 

Frequency of sessions and duration of therapy is entirely based on the clients needs or preferences. Most people tend to book weekly sessions. For some clients, a few sessions will be enough to resolve urgent issues, for others who have more long term problems, or complex trauma, therapy may go for months, or clients may decide to dip in and out of therapy as their time/finances/capacity allows. 

She does not do home visits, and if you need counselling for your child or marriage or family therapy, she can assist you in finding the right therapist for your needs.

EMDR Intensives

Intensives are an exciting new development in the therapy field. Rather than committing to a weekly timeslot, an Intensive provides focussed, change based therapy to heal specific traumas. They also work in beautifully as adjunct therapy – the client keeps their own regular supportive therapist, and does the intensive as a short term, problem solving intervention. Or they can stand alone in resolving problem areas in life.

They are ideal for people who :

-don’t have the time in their busy week to squeeze in a regular appointment, but can allocate a weekend where they attend a 4 hour session (ie busy mums, people with demanding jobs, shift work or frequent travel)

-are committed to quick change rather than gradual modification (ie want to stop bingeing now)

-prefer not to wait 3-6 months for a regular time slot to become available (ie want to resolve birth trauma to bond with their baby now, not wait for 6 months before appointments become available)

-need to resolve a particular issue within a timeframe (ie resolve a fear of work caused by previous workplace bullying)

-need to stop the downward spiral (ie covid anxiety progressing to agorophobia with repeated lockdowns)

What do they look like? Currently Caroline is offering Intensives as a 4 hour block of therapy as a once off session. It is necessary to have a preliminary session (in person or by zoom) to ascertain your needs and plan for the Intensive. Sometimes clients opt to have another Intensive after a month or so to let things settle and see how things have changed.

Both the therapist and client work hard during these sessions, in order to accomplish your goals, and the results can be really impressive. As there is much less time spent on catching up with the weeks news, settling in to the session, reviewing/giving homework and wrapping up the session, the whole time is spent on high value therapeutic work, so results follow the focussed effort.

Intensives are currently booked for Saturday morning 9-1pm. It is recommended to rest for the remainder of the weekend following your intensive, to give your brain time to settle and adapt prior to getting back to work or other duties the following week.


The cost of your intensive will vary according to the time allocated. From October 2023, the sessions will be charged at $300 per hour. The initial consultation of 75 minutes is $300. Once we have discussed your needs, we can decide together on a plan as to how many hours we will commit to. There will be a booking fee of 50% of the total fee in order to secure your time slot. The remaining fee is payable at the conclusion of the Intensive. A cancellation fee of $200 applies if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of commencement. There is a Medicare rebate for each session of $191. No Private Health Insurance rebates apply. The follow-up session is also 75 minutes and the charge for this is $300 as well, with a rebate of $191.

Half Day Intensive – initial introductory session, one 4 hour block, follow up session, workbook $1800

Does it work? Yes! Results can be spectacular and immediate, or you may notice that over time, changes become apparent ie relationships become deeper and more meaningful, triggers fade away, anxieties dissipate, or work becomes easier or more rewarding. There is good evidence to show that EMDR is a very effective therapy, and that Intensives produce more change than regular therapy – have a look at this 2019 academic paper: https://emdrassociation.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Greenwald-et-al-2020-Intensive-trauma-focused-therapy-with-victims-of-crime.pdf.

EMDR Group Therapy – coming soon!

EMDR Group therapy is an innovative way to resolve traumatic experiences in a more cost effective, contained, private way. EMDR Groups are different to normal group therapy, in that there is no sharing of experiences – you will not be traumatised by other peoples stories. It is actually more private than normal 1:1 therapy, as the client does not share their experience even with the therapist.

Groups will be held both online and in person in Elsternwick (Melbourne). They will be scheduled in 6 week blocks and there will be some specialised groups offered – Eating disorders, Grief, Medical trauma, Cancer recovery and Medical personnel. Please do reach out to me for further information and to be on my mailing list for real time updates on what is on offer.


Caroline’s rooms are in Elsternwick at the Cabrini Specialist Centre at:

Level 1

494 Glenhuntly Rd


Please call if you need to on 0400755582. /there is usually plenty of parking out the front of the building or on the quiet side streets surrounding the area.


IG @EMDRdoctor


Everything a client discusses within a session is entirely confidential, with a few rare but important exceptions. If there is a danger to the client or to someone else, then Caroline is obliged to take action to ensure everybody’s safety. This may involve disclosing information to the clients doctor/family or the police and will, whenever possible, involve the client in discussing this breach of confidentiality. The second circumstance is if a court subpoenas records of the sessions then Caroline is legally obliged to comply with the legal request. This will only happen after the client has been notified.

No counselling records are kept online or in the cloud. All records are kept securely under lock and key. A client can request copies of their records at any time – notes are made solely to assist in providing the best counselling possible for the client.

For a copy of the intake form detailing these issues please click here.


Sessions go for 75 minutes and the cost for this is $300 (effective January 2024).

Medicare gives a rebate of $191 for each session.

A discount may be available in some circumstances with a Pension or HCC.

Caroline does not currently take Workcover clients due to the difficulties in obtaining payment and the excessive paperwork involved. If you are a Workcover client, and wish to pay privately and then obtain reimbursement from Workcover, please feel free to discuss this. If any reports are required, there is an additional charge for this.

Cancellation policy: cancellations more than 24 hours prior to your appointment will not be charged. If you cancel with less than 24 hours before your appointment, there will be a $70 cancellation fee. There is no Medicare rebate for this fee.

Payment is via Bank Transfer, cash or credit card (there is a small additional fee for credit card payments). The Medicare rebate will be put through at the time of payment so Medicare pays it straight in to your account within 1-2 working days.


Book a Session

Please feel free to email via the form below or call on 0400755582. If we don’t pick up the call, please do leave a message. We will call you back.

It is best if we can chat to you for a few minutes prior to arranging your Intensive or Group sessions, just to make sure that we can help you with the problems you are experiencing. Caroline is not currently taking new clients for weekly sessions. If you prefer to be referred to another practitioner we are happy to assist – the EMDRAA website has a find-a-therapist tab which is helpful, or searching on Psychology Today website can find a good local therapist for you, or asking your GP for recommendations is always a good option.

EMDR practitioners can be found at EMDRAA find a therapist page at: https://emdraa.org/find-a-therapist/


We’re pleased to offer the following resources to our valued clients:

To view the EMDR resources please click here.

Click here for access to the trauma counselling resources.

Resources about Eating Disorders can be found here.

Follow this link for out-of-hours resources.

Specific Diagnoses resources are available here.