Caroline sees adult clients (over 18) for one on one counselling.

Weekly ongoing sessions, or EMDR Intensives are available. Please see below for more information on EMDR Intensives.

If you are looking for counselling for your child or as a couple, she can assist you in finding the right counsellor for you but does not offer these services herself. 

Online or telephone counselling is also available if needed. She does not do home visits at this time. EMDR is best delivered in a face to face environment but it has been shown to be effective delivered via teleconference. Telephone counselling cannot provide EMDR services unfortunately. 

Her therapy is person-centred and strength based, and she offers EMDR, CBT and hypnosis interspersed with Ego State (parts) therapy, depending on the clients needs and preferences. 

Frequency of sessions and duration of therapy is entirely based on the clients needs or preferences. Most people tend to book weekly sessions. For some clients, a few sessions will be enough to resolve urgent issues, for others who have more long term problems, or complex trauma, therapy may go for months, or clients may decide to dip in and out of therapy as their time/finances/capacity allows. 

EMDR Intensives

Intensives are an exciting new development in the therapy field. Rather than committing to a weekly timeslot, an Intensive provides focussed, change based therapy to heal specific traumas. They also work in beautifully as adjunct therapy – the client keeps their own regular supportive therapist, and does the intensive as a short term, problem solving intervention. Or they can stand alone in resolving problem areas in life.

They are ideal for people who :

-don’t have the time in their busy week to squeeze in a regular appointment, but can allocate a week where they attend 3-4 sessions (ie busy mums, people with demanding jobs, shift work or frequent travel)

-are committed to quick change rather than gradual modification (ie want to stop bingeing now)

-prefer not to wait 3-6 months for a regular time slot to become available (ie want to resolve birth trauma to bond with their baby now, not wait for 6 months before appointments become available)

-need to resolve a particular issue within a timeframe (ie resolve a fear of work caused by previous workplace bullying)

-need to stop the downward spiral (ie covid anxiety progressing to agorophobia with repeated lockdowns)

What do they look like? An Intensive may be a single block of 4 hours of therapy, or may be 4 sessions of 3 hours each over 2-3 days. Weekend days may be available, depending on the circumstances. The length of time needed is very variable and depends a lot on the issue at hand and any co-occuring mental health issues. It is necessary to have a preliminary session (in person or by zoom) to ascertain your needs.

Both the therapist and client work hard during these sessions, in order to accomplish your goals, and the results can be really impressive. As there is much less time spent on catching up with the weeks news, settling in to the session, reviewing/giving homework and wrapping up the session, the whole time is spent on high value therapeutic work, so results follow the focussed effort.

Intensives are currently booked for Thursday/Friday/Saturday. It is recommended to rest for the remainder of the weekend following your intensive, to give your brain time to settle and adapt prior to getting back to work or other duties the following week.


The cost of your intensive will vary according to the time allocated. Sessions are charged at $180 per hour. The initial consultation of 1 hour is $180. Once we have discussed your needs, we can decide together on a plan as to how many hours we will commit to. There will be a booking fee of 50% of the total fee in order to secure your time slot. The remaining fee is payable at the conclusion of the Intensive. A cancellation fee applies if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of commencement. There is a Medicare rebate for each session – if you are using a Mental Health Care Plan session, the rebate will be $139.85, otherwise the rebate will be $110. No Private Health Insurance rebates apply.

Does it work? Yes! Results can be spectacular and immediate, or you may notice that over time, changes become apparent ie relationships become deeper and more meaningful, or work becomes easier or more rewarding. There is good evidence to show that EMDR is a very effective therapy, and that Intensives produce more change than regular therapy – have a look here for the academic papers.